International Open Mic

Our international open mic events provide a totally unique, live, interactive experience between local musicians and their global audience via webcam. Just like an open mic in your town, performers can sign up prior to the event to decide performance order. Guests can come and listen at anytime. All this for FREE! That's right! We do not charge a fee for the performer, or listener (attendee) of any event. We also allow musicians to create their own open mic for others to participate in! Open mic hosts will be featured here on the front page the week of their event. Hosts create a regular weekly or monthly event, make it a "theme" night, invite their friends via Facebook & Twitter, get creative and have fun!

Featured Hosts:

Wow! Tell Me More...

Any performer (musical or otherwise), can sign up to perform at any open mic. Just like a traditional local open mic, performance length is at the discretion of your host. Each event has its own sign up sheet which helps the host guide the order of the performers. This is a great way to meet other musicians, and to see other performers from around the world perform right in your living room. You can share original music files within the room, network, make some new friends!

Sounds great, what equipment do I need?

All you need a webcam, a high speed internet connection, and a set of headphones or earbuds. (Keeping your computer monitors off prevents participants and hosts from hearing their own voices & instruments being picked up by your webcam mic) If you would like to improve the sound quality of your performance can use a USB microphone as an easy upgrade, or run traditional mics and instruments through a mixer and into your computer's line in to your sound card. However, just the webcam works just fine!

What about attending the open mic as a listener?

This is not just a video stream of a live as an attendee contribute to the event just like you would in a traditional open mic, except you may be 5,000 miles away! Communicate with them via video chat, text chat, upload pictures, or even donate some $$$ to their cause by dropping some money in their virtual tip jar (under development).
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